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Featuring multi-track education sessions, beginner and advanced user training, Keynote presentations, Networking events, Gala dinner party and more!



This program is correct at the time of publishing. The organizers reserve the right to delete, modify or alter items from the program or to delete, modify or alter any aspect of the Cority Connect 2020 program and delivery at their sole discretion and without notice. Neither the host organization nor the meeting organizers will accept any liability for any loss or inconvenience caused to any party consequent to such changes.

* Many sessions are eligible for Continuing Educational credits.

The annual conference is not just educational for us but gives us a better internal picture of Cority’s plan. Further, ideas that we’ve heard in users’ group, we’ve seen Cority actually implement. That is a plus. We feel that we are influencing our partner and future software development that meet our current and future business needs. I don’t know that other software vendors offer this.

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